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Portfolio Assignment- COME 467


This page is dedicated to an in-progress assignment for Television Criticism, a capstone class required for all Communication and Media Studies Majors at Saint Norbert College. This assignment is a portfolio of all academic experience achieved at SNC.


List of courses taken at Saint Norbert College

  • COME 122- Interpersonal Communication

  • COME 124- Principles Mass Communication

  • COME 180- Communication Research Methods

  • COME 252- Writing for Media

  • COME 322- Business + Professional Speaking

  • COME 330- Intercultural Communication

  • COME 352- Media Effects

  • COME 364- Media Law and Regulation

  • COME 384- Comm Technology Social Change

  • COME 467- Television Criticism

  • COME 468- Mass Communication Theory

Self-Reflection Essay

Mass Comm Theory- COME 468B

Podcasting Study

As shown in this PowerPoint, this assignment was built around conducting scholarly research and interpreting that into my own study, with the goal of learning what makes a good podcast. Therefore, This podcasting study fulfills learning outcome #1 of using appropriate research methods to answer communication questions. 

Principles Mass Comm- COME 124A

TV Pitch Video

This video was a creation of myself and 2 other classmates in a group project, in which we were required to create a TV show and "pitch" it to a network. This video, and assignment overall, fulfill learning outcome #2 of creating messages for certain audiences with appropriate context and purpose in mind. 

Media Effects- COME 352A

Dissemination Project

The PDF below is a pamphlet that was made up to show the effects of certain media. The pamphlet includes information on the social media platform, Instagram, and why we use it, how we use it, as well as how it can be harmful. This project double qualifies for Learning outcome #1 as the project included extensive scholarly research, and Learning outcome #2 because it is a pamphlet that was made spread messages to a certain audience. 

Business & Professional Speaking- COME 322A

Persuasion Presentation

The Persuasion Presentation was an opportunity for students to both, conduct scholarly research for their project and create messages for an audience with purpose and context. My Persuasion project was a speech on the effects of alcohol and how I wanted to challenge my audience to change their perception of their alcohol consumption. Therefore, This assignment fulfills both Learning Outcomes #1 & #2.

Comm Tech Social Change- COME 384A

Black Mirror Essay

In order to sufficiently complete this Black Mirror Essay, students had to watch an episode of the Netflix series: Black Mirror. In this project, we had to choose any random episode of the show and analyze what the message of the episode truly was and how it was supposed to impact the audience of the show. This essay is a direct response and analysis of the episode, which fulfills learning outcome #3 because of the meanings, influences, and responses identified from the episode. 

Comm Tech Social Change- COME 384A

Tetrads Essay

The Tetrads Essay in COME 384 required students to analyze the Marshall McLuhan theory of media working in tetrads, in other words, all media will do four things to their viewers and the rest of the media industry. Students were then required to take the Tetrads theory and apply it to a streaming service that exists today. This application of the theory qualifies this assignment under learning outcome #3 of analyzing and applying messages learned and the outcomes of certain media, which affects different yet specific audiences. 

Comm Tech Social Change- COME 384A

Blog Assignment

The Blog Assignment for Comm Tech Social Change was a required project where students were to create a website and blog on it at least once a day. For my project, I blogged about classic cars from the mid-50s to the mid-70s. Since the blog assignment was a literal website that was active with posts at least once a day for audiences, this assignment fills the requirements of embedding messages, recognizing the influences of messages., and engaging in active participation of messages for learning objective #2.

Writing For Media- COME 252A

TV Market Research Paper

This paper was a research paper designed for students to create a TV show, conduct research on a large market, and pitch that TV show to a network for that given market. Even though this is a research paper, scholarly reading and research were not done, just base-level statistics were gained so this does not satisfy learning objective #1, but since this work is designed to be a "pitched" assignment to a given audience with the context of a specific market, this qualifies for learning objective #2.

Writing For Media- COME 252A

Newsriting Assignment #1

In COME 252, there are multiple assignments geared towards news writing for students. These assignments were designed for students to gain perspective from those involved in a particular event and report on that to a hypothetical audience. For that reason, writing intended to spread messages and inform a given audience, this assignment fulfills learning objective #2.

Business & Professional Speaking- COME 322A

Enhancement Assignment 13- Self Reflection

Throughout the course of this class, Enhancement Assignments would be given to students to reflect on their in-class performance, as this class was a public speaking unit. Enhancement #13 was selected because it is a clear and concise analysis of a speech I gave, prior to this assignment. Due to the self-analysis nature of this assignment, it causes students to engage in active listening and responses to messages. To simplify, this fulfills learning outcome #3 because it was a critical analysis of a message.

Media Law and Regulation- COME 364A

Podcast assignment

This assignment for Media Law and Regulation required students to listen to a podcast episode from NPR, provided by the professor, analyze the message of that episode and relate its content to course material. This assignment fulfills learning outcome #3 because of the requirement of critically analyzing the messages that had been given through the podcast and relating them to course content. 

Media Effects- COME 352A

Interview Assignment

For this interview assignment in Media Effects, students had to conduct multiple interviews with their peers, outside of their classmates in this course, about the effects that media has had on them in their life. This assignment fulfills learning outcome #3 because students had to critically analyze the messages of their participants and relate them to the material of the course in the larger picture of how much influence media actually has on society. 

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