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This page includes links to locations of Tony G's demo tapes on YouTube, as well as Twitter/X. Also found on this page are different experiences that Tony G has gained, like public speaking and his podcast.

All demo videos of Tony G's broadcasting, as well as Public Address Announcing, can be viewed on his YouTube page.


For all demo content or videos of Tony G's work, click the YouTube link here!

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Smaller demo videos, in addition to the ones shown on this page, are also tweeted out by Tony on Twitter after recent games.


For more recent or shorter demos, make sure to check out Tony's twitter by clicking the Twitter icon here.

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SNC Talks

SNC Talks was a TED Talk-style event that was hosted by St. Norbert College in March of 2022. The event featured 9 speakers, and Tony was honored to have been selected to be one of them. In this talk, he discusses his perspective on alcohol consumption, based on personal experiences within his family. Tony has never had a drop of alcohol in his life, and he uses his talk to explain why, and what he thinks we, as a society, should do about it. Tony invites you to enjoy his SNC Talk, "Changing the Perception of Alcohol Consumption."

The Tony G Show

The Tony G Show was a sports-talk podcast, created and hosted by Tony, and his co-host Will McCormick. Together, they amassed over 170 episodes through and 8 total seasons starting in 2018 and concluding in 2022. In these episodes, they have conducted in-depth interviews with athletes, coaches, and faculty members of Saint Norbert College and beyond.

Season 8 Podcast Cover of The Tony G Show
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